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Infection Control

Your safety and protection is our highest priority.

Steps of Sterilization

  1. Instruments are scrubbed using special brushes to remove debris and blood in designated area.
  2. Ultrasonic disinfection with enzymatic antiseptics.
  3. High temperature, high pressure and vacuum sterilisation in the Sirona (Siemens) Autoclave. (See Surgery Tour)


We keep a complete and up to date record of all the sterilisation cycles carried in the practice. It is signed by the operator after each cycle with a unique cycle number. This number is recorded on the wrap of each invasive or surgical instrument. Once the instrument is used or opened, this unique number is recorded into the patient's file.

A new spit

In the best practice of infection control. The old spitting in the sink has been replaced with a single use spitting tube. There is no cross contamination between patients and no more splashing.